Gideon Robert University

GRU Student Results

GRU Class A result publication 2014, 2017

NameCephas Chibwika
NRC No206831/24/1
ProgramBachelor Of Science in HIV/AIDS and Management
Student TypeRegular
InstituteGideon Robert University
Reg no6001349

Courses and Grade/Mark Sheet

Basic Human Anatomy and PhysiologyB
Introduction to BiochemistryC
Organization Management of Guidance ServicesC
Health EconomicsB+
Fundamentals of HIV/AIDS infections and TestingB+
Health Psychology and SociologyC+
Communicable and Non Communicable DiseasesB
Substance Abuse and Resistance in HIV/AIDSC
Disability Management and CounselingB+
Strategies for HIV/AIDS ManagementC+
Human Sexuality and Basic Facts of HIV/ AIDSB
Toxicology in HIV/AIDS ManagementC
Personal Hygiene and Parasitic ManagementB
Disaster ManagementB
HIV/AIDS Strategic MitigationC
HIV PathogenesisC
Psychological and Cultural Issues in HIV/AIDS ManagementC
Total Quality ManagementC+
Opportunistic InfectionsC
General Functions of School CounselorsB+
Behavioral Change in HIV/AIDS ManagementC
HIV/AIDS VirologyB+
Food and Nutrition in HIV/ AIDS ManagementC
Occupational Safety in HIV/AIDS ManagementC
Research ProjectB